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Confident, Consummate &
Effective Recruitment

on-demand recruiting by Opulenz Solutions

Game Changer 4.0

If you really want to stay on top of your business game, you don’t need only speed but also direction. Are you ready to take your brand up a notch through a clear path and process? Opulenz Solutions is set to walk you through the process now.

We’re not your regular recruitment firm. Our plans and commitment to offering you more than just recruitment service are topnotch, and we don’t compromise. Only if you can see how it makes us feel to create strategic winning processes for your brand, then you would know what we truly stand for. But then, have it in mind that our most discerning experts put the interest of your business first and identify feasible ways to help you pull through challenges.

More Than Just A Vision To Improve

Opulenz Solutions has more than a mere vision to help you improve; we want to place your brand on a path that leads directly to your business goals. We take our time to understand your pain points and particular needs – this is where our consultative role shines. When we understand your challenges, we draw on our experience to create unparalleled solutions that meet your financial and business needs.  Ranging from contingency search to payroll solutions, Opulenz stands out as a brand to beckon.  

We want to show you the true meaning of achieving transformation goals while focusing on capabilities. Our mastery of technologies and tools makes us the best team to help you solve attraction, recruitment, and induction challenges, despite how simple or complex it seems. Let’s work together to exceed your overall goals and objectives.


As a leader in the industry, we offer and execute a wide range of dynamic solutions custom to each client’s request and requirements.

On-Demand Recruiting 

How would you feel “renting” an expert to help you pull projects through, professionally? Our on-demand recruiting services cater to your one-off need for that of a contract recruiter.

Contingency Search

The truth remains that there are many candidates out there but to find the ideal candidate that fits in well in your culture and has the technical skills, knowledge and abilities can be quite difficult.

Retained Search

Our retained search service operates on an entirely sophisticated and exclusive level. We charge an upfront fee (retainer) to conduct a specific search in line with your particular requirements. 

Recruitment Research

This is one of our client-focused services where we employ sophisticated methods to identify potential candidates for your open positions.

Payroll Solutions 

No company can escape payroll, in as much as it could be an arduous task. Why not let experts do the job while you focus on the core activities of your business? 


A Team You Can Trust

Debbie Korber headshot (1).jpg

Debbie Korber

Senior Recruitment & Sales Consultant

Debra brings more than 20 years of staffing and recruitment experience to the Opulenz team. As a former staffing agency owner and seasoned industry veteran, Debra has experienced the fluctuations in the economy and has utilized her knowledge base to adjust her approach to each changing market. As an independent contractor, Debra partnered with an array of companies including, but not limited to Accenture, Deloitte and Touche, Caremark, Sears, TDK, McKesson, CDW, Pfizer Pharmaceutical, Juno Lighting and Enesco to find top talent. Additionally, Debra has several years of experience working in a corporate recruiting environment. Her experience includes working with Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated, CBRE Group, Amazon, Grainger, General Growth Properties, Hospira, Empire Today, Sterling Auto Body, and Allstate. Debra prides herself in bringing quality candidates to the table, ranging from CDL truckers to C-suite professionals. In addition to recruiting, Debra has collaborated with clients and human resource teams to streamline hiring processes, standardize interview questions, and train hiring managers as how to most effectively engage with candidates in effort to get the most out of the interview process. Debra has been commended for her astute attention to detail, thoroughness of task analysis, and systematic inquiry of job processes in order to secure the most appropriate candidate for the position.

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