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About Us


What Makes us unique?

Opulenz Solutions is a brand with an eye for business growth, and we make it happen for all our clients. We’ve been serving clients across the globe with top business strategies and workforce solutions that are geared towards achieving their objectives.

Established by Samantha Ray, Opulenz Solutions stands out as a leading recruitment brand that offers more than just recruitment services. Samantha has over 20 years of progressive HR leadership and consulting experience. She capitalizes on her end solutions for attraction, recruitment, induction and retention of talent. She draws on her decades of experience and unconventional approaches to run Opulenz Solutions. Samantha’s experience spans across a wide range of market sectors including energy, real estate, commercial services, toys & collectibles, entertainment, utilities, healthcare, materials and information technology.

Opulenz Solutions didn’t just start; it was formed after many years of hard work and an undying quest to find long-lasting solutions to the recruitment and growth needs of the 

major market sectors. Before Opulenz Solutions, Samantha was Senior Program Manager of Recruiting for CBRE on the Amazon account. During her career, she held a variety of leadership positions for Crestwood Midstream Partners, Energy XXI, Statoil, Southwestern Energy, Citi Global Commodities, Aim Investments, Dynegy and Enron. 


Throughout her career, she has supported clients in leading a variety of scenarios from the implementation of new policies, tools and strategies, to leading on larger scale projects such as such as start-ups, restructures, redundancies, acquisitions and transitions. Samantha owes her consultancy experience to her years of working with various organizations, including TOPPS, flowerone, JLL, Magnum Forge, Cushman Wakefield, JLL, Hess Corporation, Oxy, Sykes Enterprises, Securonix, Input Output Inc., CBRE and LEWA-Nikisso. 

Samantha holds a Bachelor of Science in HR Management and has continued her studies with Cornell - School of Industrial and Labor Relations in Strategic HR Management.

We boast a small team of experienced, business-oriented and result-focused members who are always here to be your our clients most trusted advisor. Get in touch with us today, and watch us transform your business.

"I've always focused on being a business partner first and a HR person second." - Samantha Ray

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