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As a leader in the industry, we offer and execute a wide range of dynamic solutions custom to each client’s request and requirements. We create bespoke and sustainable solutions to meet their needs, affecting the margins of their financials for better results. We strive to put the right people in the right position for optimum efficiencies and achievement of the company’s objectives. Check out some of our customizable, sustainable and scalable solutions below.

On-Demand Recruiting 

How would you feel “renting” an expert to help you pull projects through, professionally? Our on-demand recruiting services cater to your one-off need for that of a contract recruiter. We offer this solution on an hourly basis and make it as flexible as much to suit your needs. 

Whenever you think of full-cycle recruitment or seek scalable recruitment option, we’re here to deliver our on-demand recruiting service. Our commitment to our service makes us the right team to call upon any time you seek skilled labor in your business.

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Contingency Search

The truth remains that there are many candidates out there but to find the ideal candidate that fits in well in your culture and has the technical skills, knowledge and abilities can be quite difficult. Opulenz Solutions is here to take this off your plate for no retaining cost.

We’ll dive into the pool of talent to find that perfect candidate for your opening. We ensure the candidate options we provide your business is seamless and trusted, and we get paid only when you hire any of these candidates. Our team takes on all the risk and lets you hire only when you see any or all of our candidate options as the perfect solution to your hiring needs.

Retained Search

Our retained search service operates on an entirely sophisticated and exclusive level. We charge an upfront fee (retainer) to conduct a specific search in line with your particular requirements. Opulenz Solutions will operate on an exclusive basis for the client to ensure all needs are met.

 With the retained search option, we strive to maintain a high level of confidentiality in all our dealings. As such; the job will only be filled through our firm. We would work very closely with our client and use an agreed methodology to identify the best talent for the role. This is ideal for a confidential or high-level type search.

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Recruitment Research

This is one of our client-focused services where we employ sophisticated methods to identify potential candidates for your open positions. We tailor our service to ensure we find the right candidates and send you all the necessary details you need to reach out to any or all of them.

All the details we send you are fresh and custom to your needs. We don’t recycle lists, so we send you new names, titles, email addresses, profiles and more. We go the extra mile to verify these candidates to ensure they meet your requirements before we send them to you.
If you need to acquire talent that is not so common or have an idea that points towards something bigger, Opulenz can assist you with custom talent research. We can help you with any or a combination of the following: Candidate Profiling, Talent Mapping, Candidate Identification, Name Generation, Incentive Compensation, and more.

We outsmart other firms with our data-driven and fact-based research where we blend competitive intelligence with capital intelligence.

Payroll Solutions 

No company can escape payroll, in as much as it could be an arduous task. Why not let experts do the job while you focus on the core activities of your business? Opulenz Solutions is here to assist you.


We’ll work with and stand in for your business while managing special issues related to tax regulations among others. We draw on our sophisticated and state-of-the-art technology to monitor time off requests, attendance, and track hours, among other administrative duties. We also cater to certain insurance-related challenges and/or issues.

Opulenz offers unmatched benefits when you select our payroll services. We provide a wide range of benefits to workers who comply with the Affordable Care Act, and these include Standard or Preferred Fixed Indemnity Plans, Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC), and Free.

Our payroll services are cost-effective and flexible, and we have a positive track record of transparency, reliability, and consistency. Opulenz exhibits expert knowledge in employer regulations, and will make you stay competitive while your employees revel in the benefits.

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