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The Lean Recruitment Model - Stay Agile & Ahead Of Others

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

When people hear the word “lean,” what quickly comes into their mind is the lean production or lean manufacturing, which was developed by Toyota. Although lean (also known as kaizen or continuous improvement) is a term used in manufacturing, it is not only limited to production. All recruiters can make use of lean principles to enhance process efficiency and reduce wastes. The principles of lean manufacturing was derived from the production system of Toyota as they make use of this system to stay ahead of their competitors. The main focus of lean is to do more with less, and this seems to be the main aim of any process in the world. Below are some points to remember when it comes to lean:

1. Waste elimination

2. Just-in-time operation

3. Customer centralization

4. Employee empowerment

5. Continuous improvement

Lean Recruitment Model

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