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How Do You Make Use of the Lean Recruitment Model?

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

You may have to involve some techniques and strategies within your organization when sourcing for top talent efficiently. Below are some ways to get started:

1. Improve how you hunt for candidates – You may have to change the way you search for candidates, stop using so many different recruitment channels, stop using channels that produce bad candidates or narrow down the amount of data you are using to sort out candidates.

2. Automate where possible – Once you map out the route to follow for hiring new candidates to fill the position, you need to identify different areas where you can automate repetitive tasks with the use of technology like applicant tracking or AI technology. These types of software make it easy to shortlist candidates without much effort.

3. Do productive things with your time – Spend much of your time in doing productive things. Determine those things that add value to the recruitment process and put more resources in it. Some of this may include hiring managers directly or speaking to candidates, rather than searching job databases or reviewing candidates’ resumes. You will cut down time with this like time spent while interviewing the candidates, reviewing CVs or time spent while arranging first and second interviews.

4. Make use of employee networks – You can get highly qualified candidates with the use of your current employees’ professional and personal networks. Employee referrals can be a great way to get the best hires. With the employee referral program, everyone wins; better candidates, the recruiter uses fewer resources, and the employee gets rewarded for every successful referral.

Getting this process in place may not be easy for companies that are always working. That’s where we come into place. Opulenz Solutions is set to walk you through the process now. We are ready and available to walk you through the recruitment process, and we don’t compromise. Opulenz Solutions understands what the lean process entails and we will be happy to help you through the process review.

Make Use of the Lean Recruitment Model

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